Mexican Black Kingsnake

Scientific Name:

  • Lampropeltis getula nigrita


  • A non-venomous type of snake
  • Beautify shiny black scales throughout the whole body
  • Tame and easy to keep in captivity, suitable for begineer snake enthusiasts
  • They are nocturnal animal and active at night


  • Mostly Mexican black kingsnakes are found in Sonora, north western of Mexico
  • And partially in southern Arizona


  • between March and June


  • 6 -12 eggs per clutch
  • Incubation period is about 65 to 82 days at 27C to 28C
  • Hatchling is about 18 cm to 20 cm


  • Up to 4 feet for an adult snake


  • 15 years


  • Naturally they eat reptile and amphibian, eg. frog, toad, lizard, bird, and rodent
  • As other kingsnakes, Mexican black kingsnake also eats snake (venomous and non-venomous)
  • In captivity, the meal frequency should be within 4 to 6 days with raised mice.


  • Dry areas of semi-desert mountainous area
  • In captivity, as it is ophiophagus, it should be house seperately with other snakes
  • Day temperature: 26C to 32
  • Night temperature: 21C to 24
  • Low humidity

Common Disease:

For more snake information:

  • Recommend captive Mexican Black Kingsnake as pet since they are more doctile