Giant Green Iguana Care Sheet

Learn how to take care of your Giant Green Iguana even you already have one! If you are new to giant green iguana and planning to adopt one, then these are some things you definitely need to know before setting out on this.

These Iguanas can grow up to six feet in length and need plenty of room in the house to design or buy for it. These animals can live for up to fifteen years and it is the largest of all iguanas being held in captivity.

About the Giant Green Iguana

The Green Iguana is a daytime active iguana that originates from the bowels of Central and South America and is extremely wanted by lizard all lizard standards. The Giant Iguana is a tree living being so it needs plenty of plant life in its habitat and this is an important feature to remember when you are selecting things to house your new pet.

How Do I House My Giant Green Iguana?

This is the most essential part of owning this breed of Iguana in the manner in which you house them due to their size as well as the fact that iguanas by nature are prone to disease and because of their lizard nature, they hide illness for survival in the wild. To begin with, your iguana will be small and you’ll use a small tank but as it grows and matures, you will need to have a big custom made tank and it’s advisable to do that prior to your needing it.

The top of the cage or aquarium needs to be made from wire to provide heat, light and ventilation and it is best to not keep your pet outside due to the effects of the sun on a glass enclosure is likened to a magnifying glass.

Lighting For Your Giant Green Iguana

The Giant Green Iguana, like any lizard is required to have at least 12-14 hours of sunlight or artificial light a day. Generally this can be purchased from any local hardware store to provide your new pet with the essential requirement for lights. A commercial 50-watt bulb can be sufficient when placed properly with a clamp light and alternate the schedule by turning the lights on and off every 12-14 hours. A very easy and cheap timer can be used so you don’t forget about the light cycle.

Giant green iguana may be an interesting pet! Take good care of them.

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